Paid Internships in US for International Students

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A Complete Guide to J-1 Visa Hospitality Internships in the US

Learn how to apply for and secure your dream J-1 visa hospitality internship in the US with Global Internships.
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Intern Internationally: How (and Why) to Secure an International Internship

Discover the path to international internships in the U.S. Unveil J-1 visa sponsorship insights and find incredible opportunities with Intrax Global Internships.
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Pathways to Success: U.S. Internships for International Students

Follow a pathway to success with U.S. internships for international students and Intrax Global Internships. Launch your career with exceptional industry experience.
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How To Get an Internship After College: A Guide for Graduates

Learn how to get an internship after college where you’ll gain valuable industry experience and professional growth opportunities with Intrax Global Internships.
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Maximizing Your Internship Abroad Experience [Guide, Tips & Resources]

From getting a paid internship to building a network–here’s everything you need to know about making the most of your internship abroad.
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Using Internships as a Global Talent Hiring Pipeline: A Comprehensive Guide

Need to boost your global talent hiring pipeline? There’s no better way to build a strong international brand than through global internships.
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Landing a Paid Internship to Launch Your Career

Looking for a productive way to earn money this summer? Consider a paid internship that will allow you to explore a new place and get professional experience.
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Remote Internships Can Help Startups Find Top Talent

How offering remote paid internships can help startups compete against big companies for top talent. Remote internships enable you to tap into a broader pool of talent, and the flexibility can be attractive to students.