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J-1 Visa Sponsors: List of Resources & Services

Still unclear on what a J-1 visa sponsor does? We’ll walk you through their role and explain how you can connect with one that’s right for you and your goals.

J-1 Visa Interview Questions: Tips, Preparations, Resources

Learn about the J-1 visa interview questions you’ll need to answer, including how to demonstrate nonimmigrant intent and how to prove you’re prepared for your exchange visit.

J-1 Visa Exchange Number and SEVIS Number: Understanding the DS-2019

Learn about all the sections on your Form DS-2019, including the SEVIS number, the program number, and the exchange number for the J-1 visa.

J-1 Visa Jobs: How to Find the Best Internships

Learn why exchange visits are so valuable, how to find the J-1 visa job that’s right for you, and what to consider when looking for J-1 visa job opportunities.

The J-1 Trainee Visa: Gaining Professional Experience Abroad

Are you too experienced to be an intern, but looking for a similar opportunity? Let us introduce you to the J-1 visa training program. Learn more right here!

J-1 Visa Employer Requirements: A Full Guide

Want to host international interns but not sure where to start? Learn more about the J-1 visa rules for employers here.

J-1 Visa Documents: Get Ready to Apply

Learn about the documents you’ll need for the J-1 visa application process and get helpful advice for filling out J-1 visa application forms like the DS-160 and DS-7002.

J-1 Visa: Tax Exemptions and Tax Treaties

Taxes can be confusing, even for Americans! We have you covered with a guide to tax exemptions specifically for J-1 visa holders. Check it out!