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2022 J-1 Internship: Resources, Tips & Jobs

As vaccination rates increase and travel restrictions loosen, internships open. Learn how you can take this opportunity to advance your career abroad.

USA Eases Travel Restrictions

The White House has announced that it will ease travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign visitors starting in November.

J-1 Visa Duration: How Long Can I Stay?

Once you get to the U.S, how long can you live there? Find answers to any and all of your J-1 visa duration questions here.

J-1 Visa Processing Time: How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa?

Discover how long it will take to receive a J-1 visa, including the J-1 visa processing time and tips to make the process faster.

Virtual Internships: How to Apply & Paid Opportunities

Learn what a virtual internship is, why it can help your career, and how you can get one with this helpful guide to virtual internships.

J-1 Visa Work Permit: How to Get One

Want to complete an exchange program, but are unsure how you’ll cover costs? In this article, we explain the J-1 visa work permit so you can go abroad responsibly.

Understanding the J-1 Visa Cost: Fees & Applications (Country Examples)

Explore the price of a J-1 visa, including J-1 visa application fees and J-1 visa sponsorship costs, while learning how to make your internship affordable.

J-1 Visa Sponsors: List of Resources & Services

Still unclear on what a J-1 visa sponsor does? We’ll walk you through their role and explain how you can connect with one that’s right for you and your goals.