There is no doubt that STEM education has the potential to change lives. It can provide people with the skills they need to get good jobs, start businesses, and invent new technologies. But in order for STEM to truly thrive in the US, we need to exchange ideas with STEM professionals around the globe. The Intrax Global Internship program does just that. 

By connecting talented students and professionals with opportunities in the United States, the Intrax Global Internship program is helping to make sure that America remains a magnet for the best and brightest from around the world. Plus, it's also paving the way to STEM breakthroughs worldwide. 

In a global economy, innovation knows no borders. 

As the United States continues to face skills shortages in the STEM field. Studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—and doing an internship in your field—can make a big difference. Not only will an internship give you the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience, but it can also help you make important connections and learn more about your chosen career.

At Intrax, our Global Internship program offers a unique opportunity for STEM students to gain international experience through paid internships in a wide range of industries. The program provides an excellent way for students to learn about new cultures and explore different career paths. Plus, the program offers special visa options for STEM interns, making it easier for them to come to the United States to train.

If you're a STEM student considering a J-1 internship, the Intrax Global Internship program is an excellent option to consider. Our program provides an ideal way to gain experience and learn more about your chosen career.


What are STEM degrees?

The term "STEM" refers to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These are considered to be high-demand, high-growth areas that are essential for global innovation. As a result, many countries have policies in place to encourage bringing more STEM professionals to the US.

There are many different types of STEM degrees, and the field of study can be divided into several sub-fields. Most STEM degree holders study disciplines like mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Other disciplines that fall under the STEM umbrella include biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

The demand for workers with STEM degrees is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This is due in part to the retirements of baby boomers and in part to the growth of industries that rely on STEM skills. To meet this demand, we’ll need more students to pursue STEM degrees. There are many different types of STEM degrees available, and each has its own unique set of benefits.

Some of the most common benefits of pursuing a STEM degree include:

  • Increased Earnings Potential: Workers with STEM degrees tend to earn more than their non-STEM counterparts.
  • Job Security: Jobs in STEM fields are less likely to be outsourced or automated.
  • Multiple Career Paths: STEM degree holders are needed in a wide array of industries
  • Room for Career Growth: STEM graduates have increased opportunities to enter high-growth, high-demand fields

A STEM degree holder can pursue many different occupations within their field or within education and research. Plus, no matter what field STEM degree holders choose to enter, they have a broad range of skills that can be applied to a variety of occupations. As a result, STEM professionals are well-positioned to pursue a wide range of career opportunities.

Why are International STEM Internships Important?

The United States has long been a destination for international students seeking to improve their lives and build a better future for their families. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of students and interns coming to the United States with STEM degrees.

These highly educated professionals have the potential to make significant contributions to the American economy and society. By offering STEM internships to international students, the US can attract the best and brightest from around the world.

Internships are important in the global economy because they give people the opportunity to learn about other countries’ business practices and help foster a global perspective in business. By working with people from different cultures, businesses can learn new ways of doing things and expand their reach into new markets.

STEM internships are a great first career step, providing an opportunity for hands-on learning that cannot be found in a classroom setting.

We Facilitate STEM Internships Abroad

For many students, internships provide an invaluable opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field and to develop their skills. The United States has long been a top destination for students seeking to further their education in the STEM fields. However, the process of searching for an internship in a STEM field can be complicated and time-consuming.

At Intrax Global Internships, we simplify this process. We maintain relationships with customers and universities across the United States, and leverage these relationships to connect students with internships in their fields of interest.

Some examples of companies that Intrax Global Internships works with are:

This benefits both the students and the organizations, as the students are able to gain experience in their field of study and the organizations are able to find top talent from around the world.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field, we can help you find the perfect opportunity. 

We can also provide support throughout the J-1 visa application process, ensuring that all of the paperwork is in order and that you are prepared for the visa interview.  

What does all this mean? That we can provide a hassle-free experience for both students and organizations.

How Students Can Get a J-1 Visa Sponsorship

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students travel to the United States on J-1 visas to participate in internship and training programs. The J-1 visa sponsorship program is an important part of the U.S. economy, providing opportunities for international students to gain skills and experience that they can use in their home countries

Global Internships is proud to be one of the leading organizations sponsoring students for J-1 visas. Our program is designed to give students the best possible chance of success in their chosen field. If you work with us, we’ll be committed to helping you obtain the skills and experience you need to thrive in today's economy. Additionally, our program is very affordable, making it an excellent option for those on a budget.

To complete the J1 visa application process, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Upload your resume and cover letter
  3. Receive an acceptance letter from Intrax
  4. Pay the program fee
  5. Receive your form DS-2019
  6. Receive your visa from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Why Companies and Universities need STEM Interns

The STEM field is one of the most rapidly growing and changing industries in the world. To stay competitive, companies and universities need to attract top talent from around the globe. Unfortunately, the current US immigration system makes it difficult for foreign students to obtain visas to work in the STEM field. As a result, many highly skilled students are forced to return to their home countries, taking their talents and expertise with them.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, companies are looking for ways to expand their reach beyond their home countries. One way to do this is to offer internships to students from other countries. 

According to a study by the National Venture Capital Association, the number of startups in the tech industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. In fact, the study found that venture-funded tech startups increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015. This growth is due in part to the increasing demand for innovative new technologies. Intrax Global Internships offers startup internships that can help companies connect with talented students from around the world who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields. These relationships can be beneficial for recruiting future employees and for expanding business opportunities.

There are many reasons why companies choose to hire interns from other countries. Here are a few:

  1. Accessing a larger pool of top talent
  2. Tapping into new markets and expand their reach
  3. Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  4. Gaining a new global perspective on business
  5. Developing necessary skills for the global workplace
  6. Fostering cultural exchange and understanding

Universities also need STEM interns to help further their research and academic goals. By hosting an international student in a STEM field, universities can gain access to new ideas and perspectives, and build relationships with top students from around the world. 

How to Hire International Interns in Simple Steps 

The J-1 visa program is an important part of the U.S. economy, providing opportunities for international students to gain skills and experience that they can use in their home countries.

Global Internships is proud to be a designated U.S. Department of State J-1 sponsor. Our goal is to provide efficient and expert advice on the J-1 application process to participants, host companies, universities and other partners.

We have over 30 years of experience in managing international education programs, and our team of experts will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your needs. 

If you have arrangements for an internship or trainee position in the U.S. and need assistance with obtaining your J-1 Visa, reach out to us!

We have a team of experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of STEM internships, so you can rest assured that your student will be able to come to the United States and begin their internship without any delays.


What’s the Latest on STEM and the Biden Administration?

If you haven’t heard, President Biden has also been focused on bringing more international STEM students to the US.

In fact, the Biden-Harris administration recently announced the “Early Career STEM Research Initiative.” This amazing new opportunity will allow more Exchange Visitors to travel to the US and complete research, training, or educational exchange programs.

From STEM Internships to Getting Your J-1 Visa, We Can Help

Are you ready to start making a big difference in global STEM innovation and your own career? Or are you part of a company that’s ready to hire STEM graduates from around the globe?

Partner with us for a seamless, top-notch process.

Ready to get started? You can request information or apply here. We hope to hear from you soon!

Sep 7, 2022
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